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Hi! I'm Kasper, a journalist and a programmer, a father and a writer.

This is a workshop with an open door. My digital garden. You'll find some scattered notes and links here, some of them are related to my efforts to master the skills of a software engineer. Others are more general musings about life.

I switched careers in 2021, mid-pandemic, after nearly a decade in financial journalism. Following about a year of determined self-study, I crossed over to a professional programming role, changing employers and countries in the process.

I've benefited greatly from a wealth of free resources and open-source software, and would like to contribute in turn. If you are new to web development or coding in general, I've curated a starter pack of assets based on what worked for me. It comes with a few pointers.

Have a look around, any tools or useful thoughts you come across are yours to keep.

CC BY-NC 4.0 Kasper Viita